Hello World!

So we did it. Arlo and I started a blog. Oh boy.
Q: Why now?
A: I’m recently unemployed. More accurately, the start-up I poured blood, sweat, and tears into has gone under. What am I to do with these extra 60 hours per week? Post pictures of my cat to the web, duh.
Q: Ok, but you’ve been unemployed for a hot minute. Why NOW now?
A: Yesterday I choked on a phone interview, got publicly ridiculed by a nice old librarian, and got in a bike accident, flying over my handlebars and resulting in a chin hickey–All before noon. I then walked home crying and binged on cheese and New Girl episodes. It’s time for some onward-and-upward.
Q: What’s going to happen here?
A: Pictures of Arlo, failed attempts at DIYs, stuff I like from the internet, random musings… I don’t know! Quit asking me these things.
Q: Are you just writing yourself questions, and then answering them? Cause it seems like you are.
A: Yes.
So, thanks for stopping by! If you’re as bored as I am, come by again.

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