New YEARs Resolutions


New Years Resolutions. How’s that for a topic one week too late? As I’ve mentioned in the past, I like them. A time where everyone (socially forced or not) reflects on ways to improve themselves, and makes a conscious effort (for an extended period or not) to do so– Yes, I can get behind that. That being said, New Years Resolutions are hard. I feel you. How does one keep something fresh and inspired for 365 days, even with the promise of a better you? How does one actually keep a new YEAR’s resolution?

Well, I think my sister Kim just may have figured it out back in 2012, so like any good little sister, I’m ripping her off. This year, rather than making one year-long resolution, I’ll be making twelve month-long resolutions. Anyone can do anything for a month, right? Right… (Italics to indicate uncertainty.)

So let’s start it off! January will be “Work out kind of a f*cking lot” month. Kind of obvious, yes, but you can’t blame me for striking while the get-in-shape-iron is hot. Also, to be fair, I’ve been working out since October, but anyways! Four days a week for four weeks. Which may sound weenie to some, but for someone who was #1 couch potato in September, it’s kind of a f*cking lot.

Check back later to see how my January resolution went, and what’s lined up for February. F*ck it, 2015. Let’s do this.

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