Aloha January, Aloha February


Well, I DID IT. I worked out kind of a f*cking lot. Four days a week for four weeks. Goal completed; Great job, Lauren. Now, this post could probably end here, for as I once read, and can’t say I disagree with, unless you fell off the treadmill, no one wants to hear about your workout.

So I’ll keep it brief, but for one hot second, let’s throw modesty aside, and allow to me to feel proud of my accomplishments… I worked out in subzero weather. I worked out through hangovers. I worked out at 8pm when the Bulls were playing. Let us not gloss over this!

I went to the gym more often than I did not, and I did it for five weeks instead of four. I did some pretty GD intense training that burns up to 1200 calories in one hour (sorry. calories?), and if we’re being honest, I enjoyed it. Feeling good feels good, man. So if you don’t work out, but have always wanted to, seriously– start. If I can do it, anyone can.

So are you wondering what’s up for February? That’s ok, I’ll tell you anyways. Just f*cking do it already month. One project per week I’ve been wanting to tackle forever, yet have sat on for no good reason. Also keeping in the spirit, I plan to tackle projects small and smaller. The email I’d rather answer in ten hours as opposed to now, for purposes unknown? Just f*cking do it already. Go through our hoard and toss/donate all of this hullabaloo? Just f*cking do it already. Finish this blog post that’s over a week late, and was supposed to be brief? Just f*cking do it already.

So check back in a month to see I can conquer my best friend and greatest enemy, procrastination. Or a month and a week. Or two…

We’re off to a great start.


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